We can accommodate any architectural concern. Special angles and shapes are no problem. Please contact us with custom design requirements.

SkateBlock products are available in the following materials:

Silicon Bronze- This material starts out as a very dark bronze finish. If left alone, it will quickly develop a patina and take on the appearance of statuary bronze. It is extremely durable and requires no ongoing maintenance. 

Stainless Steel- Extremely durable and comes standard with a polished finish. The alloy that we use is extremely strong and  resists rusting for years of maintenance free use. Due to the manufacturing process stainless steel SkateBlock have a much longer lead time. 

Polishing any of the items above yields a high gloss finish. The results give a spectacular appearance appropriate for very high-end installations. 
Regular polishing or clear coating is necessary to maintain this finish.

Aluminum - Aluminum is the least expensive of the metal alloys available to us for casting but still extremely strong.  While not as strong as bronze or stainless steel, the aluminum will stand up to a great deal of abuse without breaking or cracking.  Aluminum can be coated with powder coating, a high-end paint system, anodized, or even clear coated, to match any architectural design.

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